OVER 25,000 Sq Ft

Haunted Attraction

Experience the Spine-tingling Terror of Philadelphia’s Ultimate Haunted Attraction. Step into the Nightmare, Unveil the Unholy, and Survive the Unforgettable.
Get ready for the heart-stopping adventure of a lifetime! Philadelphia’s Ultimate Haunted House is waiting to unleash its bone-chilling horrors upon you. Explore the dark depths of a 120+ year old Warehouse transformed into a terrifying labyrinth, where nightmares become reality. Brace yourself as you navigate through the Industrial Nightmare, wander the halls of the South Side Sanatorium, and defy the forces of evil within the Fright Factory UnHoly. Will you make it out alive? Only the bravest souls dare to find out.
Step into a dystopian world where a derelict factory holds unspeakable terrors. Steel corridors echo with blood-curdling screams, and horrifying creatures lurk in every corner. Will you escape this Industrial Nightmare, or become a permanent resident of fear?
Enter the abandoned asylum, a place where madness reigns supreme. The insidious whispers of tortured souls will envelop you as you navigate its macabre hallways. Can you preserve your sanity long enough to escape the clutches of the South Side Sanatorium?
Join the battle between good and evil within this unholy sanctuary. Once a consecrated cathedral, it is now home to possessed priests and demonic entities. Brace yourself for a relentless assault on your senses and test your strength against the malevolence within the Fright Factory UnHoly.


~ FOX29